dr. viral desai

Board Certified
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Viral Desai
M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S.

“Transplant is not simply taking hair from the back of the head & putting it in the bald areas. You have to understand which patient requires it, at what age we should do it, what should be the design of the hairline – should it be U-shaped, V-shaped, what should be the position of the hairline – should it be at 7 cm or 10 cm, what areas should you cover, what is the lifetime donor hair or hair which are available on the back, which are available for a lifetime, what is the kind of hair loss he/she can expect in the future depending upon his/her family history. All of this leads to a lot of planning, proper diagnosis, proper psychological evaluation. You have to take into consideration the occupation of a patient – example, he is facing the media, he is an actor, he may require a lower hairline compared to a normal person who may be a corporate. All of these factors have to be considered. It’s just not a normal transplant, wherein you take out hair and put it. It has to be done properly, at the right time, at the right age, with the right person and with the right design.”

“Before seeing the bald area, I always like to see the donor area. I would first like to know how much hair does the patient have available for a lifetime and what is the quality & quantity of this hair. On seeing the donor area, I can then suggest whay kind of growth & what kind of results can he expect.”

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“Arrey, isn’t hair important? Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head?”


Rohit Roy

“After trying every “Magic Potion” and “Hair Growth Miracle” in the market; I realized that only real science could help me. Thank you Dr Viral Desai and DHI for saving the day for me !!! I got back my crowning glory; and my smile.”


Sara Khan

“Thank you Dr. Viral, for giving me the body I’ve always wanted!”


Suhasini Mulay

“I feel simply wonderful after the procedure. Thank you Dr. Viral!”


Aahana Kumra

“I completely recommend this treatment to whoever has been experiencing hairfall to make sure that whatever our living conditions are, at least we’ll have a good hair day every day.”

Prabhjot Singh

Indian Hockey Player

Raj Babbar

Veteran Actor

Vivek Oberoi


Gaurav Gera

Actor & Comedian

S. Sreejesh

Indian Hockey Player

S.V. Sunil

Indian Hockey Player

Sumeet Raghavan



Ms. Munisha Khatwani – Actor, Astrologer & Tarot Card Reader
She had 3D Liposuction performed at CPLSS


“Dr. Viral, I was apprehensive about the surgery but you patiently guided me. I now feel great about myself and have been receiving compliments on my new look. Thank you for such a wonderful surgery!”

Mr. Gaurav Gera, Actor
He had DHI Hair Transplant performed at CPLSS


“I was a gone case – my hair was thinning at an alarming rate. I was recommended to Dr. Viral Desai by two of my friends from the TV industry. Dr. Viral and DHI helped me get my hair back. The DHI procedure was virtually painless – I was listening to music, messaging friends on BBM and chatting with Dr. Viral during the procedure! The results were so good that my family, friends and colleagues were astonished. A few months after my procedure, I had a second DHI procedure with even better results! I am a very happy and satisfied client of Dr. Viral Desai and DHI, and strongly recommend Dr. Viral Desai and DHI to anyone who wishes to get his/her hair back.”

Ms. Aahana Kumra, Actress
She had mesotherapy & laser therapy for hair performed at CPLSS


“I am very glad that I was recommended the meso & laser hair therapy by Dr, Viral Desai for my hair. Over the past few years, I have experienced hairfall that completely dampened my confidence since hair is every woman’s crown. But since I started the treatment, not only has my hairfall reduced, but there has also been an improvement in the quality of my hair. I completely recommend this treatment to whoever has been experiencing hairfall to make sure that whatever our living conditions are, at least we’ll have a good hair day every day.”


Mr. Raj Babbar, Actor & Politician
He had DHI Hair Transplant performed at CPLSS


“Dear Dr. Viral,
Thanks. You gave me so much confidence before DHI that I could take a fast decision and I am happy I took the right step. It was a nice experience and I am very hopeful that the result will also be good.”

Ms. Sara Khan – Actor
She had Body Contouring & 3D Liposuction performed at CPLSS


“Thank you Dr. Viral, for giving me the body I’ve always wanted!”

  • "I am a resident of Dubai. I heard about Dr. Desai from a friend who had a liposuction by Dr. Desai eight years ago. I was amazed to see my friend's results and hence took the decision to have a mega-liposuction done with Dr. Viral. My mega-liposuction helped me lose tremendous amount of body fat and inches. I saw myself slimmer and fitter after many years. We were very pleased with the entire care provided by Dr. Desai's staff, right from consultation till post-operative care. Dr. Desai too took utmost care of us. Later, Dr. Desai informed me that I had 22 litres of fat removed in one session – this was the highest ever reported in India. My story was covered in the Times of India. The recovery was very smooth and I flew back home to Dubai after only eight days after the surgery. Looking at my results, my mother, at the age of 62, decided to also go for this procedure."

    Mr. Ali Yassen (23 years) Visited India from Dubai (UAE)
  • "To all of Dr. Desai's potential clients, This is my true story. I had tried everything from diets to gym to aerobics to hot yoga before being convinced that it would be impossible for me to go back to my old waist size again. Fortunately, a few months ago I bumped into a friend of mine - Ritesh - who told me about his wonderful experience with CPLSS. Encouraged and with a ray of hope, I called CPLSS. Today, three months after having a liposuction procedure, I can happily claim to have surpassed my goal of dropping a few inches! I have also been strongly motivated by my new look to change by lifestyle to maintain my "new" body. I am grateful to Dr. Viral Desai and his team for recreating me. I would certainly recommend CPLSS to anyone who is thinking of having cosmetic surgery."

    Mr. J. Bhanushali (39 years)
  • "I just wanted to thank you for helping me change not only my body but also my personality. I realise that throughout life, we continuously abuse our bodies, only to realise later that there are no replacements. Doctors like you help us undo some of these mistakes. You may remember that after meeting you, I waited for six months before deciding to go for liposuction. Now I feel: why did I wait for so long? Thank you for your help and God bless!"

    Mr. N. Pandya (44 years)
  • "I can't thank Dr. Desai and his staff enough. I was scared of liposuction surgery when I read about it, but Dr. Desai made me feel comfortable at every step and answered all my questions. The surgery went very smoothly and I am very happy with my results!"

    Ms. K. Phadnis (37 years)
  • "After delivery I had put weight around the abdomen, lower back, hips and love handles. I tried many methods to reduce - diet, exercise, etc. and lost some weight, but the resistant fat never went away. A friend of mine had liposuction done with Dr. Desai five years ago and referred me to CPLSS. I had apprehensions getting a procedure done in India, and was contemplating London as an option. Hoever, after speaking with other doctors in India and after meeting Dr. Desai, I was convinced about the cleanliness, hygiene and surgical expertise available at CPLSS were as good as, if not better than, international facilities. I had my procedure done and am very very happy with the results. I had a lot of questions which were answered patiently and in details by Dr. Viral Desai and his team. I have referred Dr. Viral Desai to two of my friends and am coming back this month for skin treatments."

    Ms. Pareeta Shah (36 years) Visited India from Africa
  • “The peels and mesotherapy have been very effective. I am extremely satisfied with the results and wish to thank you for all your care and advice.”

    Ms. G. Kumar, 29 She had anti-pigmentation treatments performed at CPLSS
  • "DHI + DVD (Dr. Viral Desai) = Tops! DHI is an almost painless miracle that gives you a new lease of life, in the sense that you feel more confident and of course, look much younger. The facility, staff and assistants are also very helpful, informative and polite. It is a neat and clean environment that relaxes you pre and post the procedure. A great experience and definitely recommended to those who want good results."

    Mr. Neville

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