With the sort of plastic surgical results advertised in the media today, one may be tempted to sign up for procedures promising fantastic outcomes with instant, pain-free and life-changing surgery. However, this list may help ensure a safe and pleasant experience with plastic surgery.
  1. Check the surgeon’s credentials: Check if the surgeon has the appropriate academic and professional credentials – you would do best to go with a board-certified surgeon. Also, understand the kind of training the surgeon has had in the specific procedure you’re considering and the number of clients on which your surgeon has performed the procedure.
  2. Know your procedure: While plastic surgery should be able to satisfy all of reasonable expectations, in some cases, it may be difficult to achieve a perfect outcome. Be wary if you are assured of meeting all your needs without any caveats. And remember it’s a huge red flag if you are promised a risk-free procedure – there’s no such thing.
  3. Ask to see the venue of your surgery: The best medical centres will able to provide a hygienic and safe environment and yet offer to you complete privacy during the procedure and your recuperation – independent rooms, separate OT for cosmetic surgery cases and adherence with global best standards of patient care. Avoid day-care centres which operate as stand-alone businesses; especially those at which you observe disregard for standards of hygiene or at which you have doubts on commitment to patient safety or client confidentiality.
  4. Review the safety amenities at the operating facility: Apart from a clean and hygienic ambience, the operating facility should be able to take care of an emergency situation, should the need arise. Check for availability of emergency equipment such as power generators, 24-hour medical staff on duty, ICU, central oxygen and nitrous, state-of-the-art anaesthesia, ventilators, laminar air flow in the OT (minimizes risk of infections by filtering air particles greater than 3 microns), central monitors, in-house pathology laboratory, etcetera.
  5. Finally, look at the person behind the surgical mask: Make sure you get a good feeling from your plastic surgeon. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first surgeon you meet, find another. Having plastic surgery is an important event – take your time in finding the best surgeon for you.