cosmetic plastic surgery
& laser super specialities


CPLSS is a state-of-art ultramodern center, encompassing the latest equipment and technologies and dedicated completely to patient quality care.

The centre is designed for your comfort, convenience and privacy. It is both a day-care centre and inpatient centre. We pride ourselves in the ability to evaluate you individually and present honest, realistic expectations. The personalised attention enables you to make an informed and confident decision.

Safety for the patient is our top priority and we can proudly state that we are very unique as we are one of the only centres, which can deal with any emergencies if they arise. Not only do we have a 24-hr on-duty doctors and nursing staff, but we also have an I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) with all life saving equipments like Ventilators, Central Oxygen, Central Monitors, 24 hrs pathology, all medications, etc.

Procedure Room

There are two procedure rooms. The procedure rooms are equipped with the most modern equipments. All laser procedures and minor surgical procedures are performed here. The procedure room is equipped with central oxygen and all emergency equipments – the only one of its kind in India. Here, safety is of prime importance.

Operation Theatre

There are two well-equipped theatres. The theatres have Japanese lights, fully adjustable operation table, latest cautery and lasers, central oxygen lines, computer monitoring equipment & ventilator. There is a separate sterilisation room for your safety. We employ German and USA-imported equipments.

Recovery Area and Suites
(for After Care)

It is provided with the most modern and pleasing environment. The recovery bed is fully adjustable for your comfort.

The large suites have central oxygen lines and the staff is only one button away. All rooms are provided with split air-conditioners, televisions, DVD players, music, visitors sofa and bed, cupboard, dressing table, modern bathroom, mini–kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, coffee and tea maker etc. The suits are designed carefully, so as to take care of all your needs. They are specially designed for our out-of-town patients, so as to make their stay comfortable and fulfilling.

Travelling from Abroad?

CPLSS offers the convenience of having your plastic surgery procedure performed by highly qualified surgeons with some of the best infrastructure in the world – all at a fraction of your local cost.


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