3D Liposuction

3D-SLS is liposuction of fat in the superficial and intermediate layers. It is associated with a more contoured look and greater skin retraction.

How is 3D-SLS different from conventional liposuction?
3D-SLS removes fat in the superficial as well as the intermediate layers to better sculpt the body contour. Conventional Suction Assisted Lipoplasty (SAL) and Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) remove fat only from the deeper layers of fat. If the superficial fat remains, the outer layer is heavier and may fall after deep suctioning, forming rolls and bumps.

Why is it called Three Dimensional?
3D-SLS removes fat in all layers and allows delicate contouring of the body, not just a simple reduction in volume. It also means that you will look good in and out of clothes! Conventional liposuction (SAL) and Ultrasonic Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) are similar in concept to deflating a balloon. Fat is suctioned to reduce the overall volume of an area. Because they both work in the deeper layers, they are unable to simulate the delicate curves of the buttocks, hips and outer thigh.

Can 3D-SLS be performed in other parts of the body?
Yes, the concepts of 3D-SLS apply to most parts of the body.

What are the other advantages of 3D-SLS?
Some patients with a moderate amount of loose skin will benefit from this technique because the skin will contract and tighten. In SAL and UAL, loose skin may be worse after surgery.

Is 3D-SLS gentler than conventional SAL and UAL?
3D-SLS is performed with smaller cannulas (suction tubes) so that there may be less bruising and bleeding. Unlike UAL, there is no heat generated at the end of the cannula. 3D-SLS can be performed close to the skin without risk of a skin burn.