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Prabhjot Singh,Arjuna Awardee, Striker of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience


S V SUNIL, Vice Captain of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience


S Sreejesh, Captain of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience



Rohit Roy- Famous Actor, Director, Anchor, Host, etc talks about his hair transplant journey done at Dr. Viral Desai's clinic at DHI-Mumbai. 

"After trying every "Magic Potion" and "Hair Growth Miracle" in the market; I realized that only real science could help me. Thank you Dr Viral Desai and DHI for saving the day for me !!! I got back my crowning glory; and my smile "

JD Majethia the famous Actor & Producer of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and Khichdi write up

When JD Majethia the famous Actor & Producer of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and Khichdi met us in 2011 he was suffering from major hair loss problems specially since he's was loosing his hairline. We were able to help restore his hairline and he was extremely satisfied with the results.

As he's in a demanding industry being exposed to harsh conditions and crazy schedules he started loosing his hair in the crown area too and so after nearly six years he came to us with confidence that we will do the needfull and we were able to honour his trust in us.

JD shared his personal experience in a very open and frank talk. He says “ Everybody wants to look young,loss of hair is a sign of aging. Everybody who is born will lose hair. But today you can get your hair back because of one gentleman Dr Viral Desai. I was initially scared about the the procedure but when I underwent the procedure I was smiling, laughing and chatting with my friends on the phone; its almost painless. And after this procedure I am attending a function with my family"

Virender Sehwag, Member of the Indian National Cricket Team, speaks about his DHI experience

sehwag_before_big sehwag_after_big

"Being an International level cricketer is not easy. Heat, sweat, stress and injuries take their toll, and at times hair... But thanks to DHI, the latest in hair restoration, I got my natural hair back. Now I can comb, shampoo or style them, just like before."

Virender Sehwag

Gautam Gambhir, Member of the Indian National Cricket Team, speaks about his DHI experience

gautam_before_big gautam_after_big

"I checked out several other methods of hair restoration, and realized that DHI gave the best results, without the pain or the embarrassment of stitches. A single session is all it took. The results are amazing."

Gautam Gambhir

Mr. Govinda, Veteran Actor, declares to have hair transplant performed by "the Greek Method"

"Arrey, isn't hair important? Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head?"

Read Full Article at Times of India

Mr. Govinda

Mr. Raj Babbar, Veteran Actor, had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

raj_babbar_big raj_babbar_letter

"Dear Dr. Viral,
Thanks. You gave me so much confidence before DHI (that) I could take a fast decision and I am happy I took the right step. It was (a) nice experience and (I am) very hopeful that the result will also be good."

Mr. Raj Babbar

Mr. J.D. Majethia, Theater and film artist and producer, had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

jd_big"Dear Dr. Viral,
Thank you for getting my hair back! The results are wonderful and I have been getting compliments for my new look. (I am) strongly thinking of a coming back for a second session."

Mr. J.D. Majethia

Mr. Pradeep Rawat, Actor, had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

"Dear Dr. Desai,
I came to you as a bald man. You have restored not only my hair but also my confidence. (I am) very happy with my hair growth. Thank you for the wonderful result!"

pradeep_1_big Pradeep_Before Pradeep_After
Mr. Pradeep Rawat

Mr. Gaurav Gera, Actor, had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

"I was a gone case - my hair was thinning at an alarming rate. I was recommended to Dr. Viral Desai by two of my friends from the TV industry. Dr. Viral and DHI helped me get my hair back. The DHI procedure was virtually painless - I was listening to music, messaging friends on BBM and chatting with Dr. Viral during the procedure! The results were so good that my family, friends and colleagues were astonished. A few months after my procedure, I had a second DHI procedure with even better results! I am a very happy and satisfied client of Dr. Viral Desai and DHI, and strongly recommend Dr. Viral Desai and DHI to anyone who wishes to get his/her hair back."

gaurav_gera_before_big gaurav_gera_big


Mr. Gaurav Gera

Mr. Sushil Wadhwa, businessman, had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

"I visited Dr. Viral's Clinic for the first time and was impressed by his knowledge and clinical skills. Once my results were evident, all my colleagues and friends appreciated the dense growth. I decided to go for a second sitting of DHI to make my hair look denser. This is a very good procedure with no cuts, no pain and guaranteed results. Many thanks to Dr. Desai and his excellent team!"

sushil_before_big sushil_after_big sushil_letter


Mr. Sushil Wadhwa

Ms. Aahana Kumra, actor, had mesotherapy & laser therapy for hair performed at CPLSS

aahana_letter"I am very glad that I was recommended the meso & hair therapy by Dr, Viral Desai for my hair. Over the past few years, I have experienced hairfall that completely dampened my confidence since hair is every woman's crown. But since I started the treatment, not only has my hairfall reduced, but there has also been an improvement in the quality of my hair. I completely recommend this treatment to whoever has been experiencing hairfall to make sure that whatever our living conditions are, at least we'll have a good hair day every day."

Ms. Aahana Kumra

Mr. Abdullah Fahad had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

"Very satisfied with the result. The procedure was good and professional. I had encouraging results within four months and hope to carry on as instructed. Thank you!"

fahad_before_big fahad_after_big fahad_letter


Mr. Abdullah Fahad

Mr. Jude Pereira had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

jude_letter“Dr. Viral Desai,

Thanks to DHI for the treatment. At first, I was not comfortable to do DHI but then I attended it and the result was excellent so I came for the second sitting today. Thanks to all the doctors, staff and nurses who have helped me for the wonderful, painless, result oriented DHI treatment.”

Mr. Jude Pereira

Mr. Kunal Khurana had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

kunal_letter“I have undergone DHI. Before this, I had also undergone Strip Surgery which was unsuccessful because of the pain. As compared to Strip, DHI was definitely painless. I did not feel any pain at all. The surgery was quiet smooth. In fact, I had fun listening to songs and watching T.V. at the time of surgery. This was my experience of DHI at Dr. Viral Desai’s clinic.”

Mr. Kunal Khurana

Ms. Neera Kanani had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

“I am very happy with my DHI results. I would definitely recommend DHI to all my friends.”

neera_before_big neera_after_big neera_letter
Ms. Neera Kanani

Ms. Neera Sareen had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

neera2_letter"It has been a real pleasure to be associated with Dr. Desai and his hair transplant procedure! I came to him very nervous. But Dr. Desai and his assistants put me totally at ease by explaining the procedure in detail and answering my queries with utmost patience. The procedure is painless while it is happening but you do feel the pleasures of pain later...but well worth it when you see how quickly and precisely it has been done! Am totally impressed with DHI...what a long way medicine has come! Cheers to Dr. Desai...what service you provide to people with hair distress! Thanks very much!"

Ms. Neera Sareen

Mr. Neville had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

neville_letter"DHI + DVD (Dr. Viral Desai) = Tops! DHI is an almost painless miracle that gives you a new lease of life, in the sense that you feel more confident and of course, look much younger. The facility, staff and assistants are also very helpful, informative and polite. It is a neat and clean environment that relaxes you pre and post the procedure. A great experience and definitely recommended to those who want good results."

Mr. Neville

Ms. Prabhu had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

prabhu_letter“ I had done DHI from Dr. Viral Desai’s clinic in January 2012. The result is so good that nobody can make out that I have gone through the DHI procedure. Dr. Viral Desai’s hands are magical. You will not know when he has started the procedure and when he has finished it. This procedure takes hardly 4-5 hours. Suits a one day job. You can go home after finishing the procedure. I think it is the best way to regain your hair under the specialist doctor – Dr. Viral Desai. Thank you Dr. Viral Desai!”

Ms. Prabhu

Mr. Prateek Sharma had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

prateek_letter“Let me start with comparing DHI with strip method of surgery. I have already had a strip method and I have borne the pain - especially at the donor area from where your strip is taken. I still remember, I could not sleep for a full night after my strip surgery because of extreme pain at my back. There were stitches, bleeding and pain. Now, comparing this with DHI which I had yesterday: I could not feel any pain. It was as if nothing was done. I can really not believe that it would be so painless.

I would strongly recommend going with DHI rather than with strip method and this I can say based on my personal experience of both surgeries. Also, in strip, your donor area heals after a long time and you have all these sutures and stitches. It also causes a permenant scar at the back from where your strip is taken, while in DHI, the donor area heals in 3-4 days and there are no scars. This is my second day after DHI and I am satisfied with the procedure. At this point, I can only talk about no post-op pain and am hoping for better results in few months."

Mr. Prateek Sharma

Mr. Rajesh Patwa had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

rajesh_letter“DHI done experience: It is a very good process for hair growing. In this process there is no pain and no stitching marks.”

Mr. Rajesh Patwa

Mr. Subrat Pani had DHI hair transplant performed at CPLSS

subrat_letter“Thank you for the effort and care. I am happy with the results we got. Really appreciate the hospitality and warmth of the staff and the doctors. It made a lot of difference to the overall personality. Really thank Dr. Desai and Dr. Amit for the diligent effort put in the transplant process. Wish you all lot more success many more happy customers and well-wishers.”

Mr. Subrat Pani

Mr. J. Lakhe, 47, had mesotherapy for hair and laser hair therapy performed at CPLSS

“My hair thinning has reduced and I see hair growth in former “barren” areas on my head. Thank you for turning the clock around for me!”

Mr. J. Lakhe


Ms. Munisha Khatwani, actor, astrologer & tarot card reader, had her liposuction performed at CPLSS

"Thank you for a wonderful surgery!"

Ms. Munisha Khatwani

Ms. Pareeta Shah, 36, visited India from Africa to have had her liposuction performed at CPLSS

After delivery I had put weight around the abdomen, lower back, hips and love handles. I tried many methods to reduce - diet, exercise, etc. and lost some weight, but the resistant fat never went away. A friend of mine had liposuction done with Dr. Desai five years ago and referred me to CPLSS. I had apprehensions getting a procedure done in India, and was contemplating London as an option. Hoever, after speaking with other doctors in India and after meeting Dr. Desai, I was convinced about the cleanliness, hygiene and surgical expertise available at CPLSS were as good as, if not better than, international facilities. I had my procedure done and am very very happy with the results. I had a lot of questions which were answered patiently and in details by Dr. Viral Desai and his team. I have referred Dr. Viral Desai to two of my friends and am coming back this month for skin treatments.

Ms. Pareeta Shah

Ms. K. Phadnis, 37, had liposuction performed at CPLSS

"I can't thank Dr. Desai and his staff enough. I was scared of liposuction surgery when I read about it, but Dr. Desai made me feel comfortable at every step and answered all my questions. The surgery went very smoothly and I am very happy with my results!"

Ms. K. Phadnis

Ms. J. Wadhwa, 28, had liposuction surgery performed at CPLSS

"It is just over a week since I had my procedure and I have resumed my office - amidst a lot of compliments and with much more confidence! Thank you for such a wonderful transformation!"

Ms. J. Wadhwa

Mr. N. Pandya, 44, had a liposuction performed at CPLSS

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me change not only my body but also my personality. I realise that throughout life, we continuously abuse our bodies, only to realise later that there are no replacements. Doctors like you help us undo some of these mistakes. You may remember that after meeting you, I waited for six months before deciding to go for liposuction. Now I feel: why did I wait for so long? Thank you for your help and God bless!"

Mr. N. Pandya

Mr. J. Bhanushali, 39, had a liposuction performed at CPLSS

"To all of Dr. Desai's potential clients,
This is my true story. I had tried everything from diets to gym to aerobics to hot yoga before being convinced that it would be impossible for me to go back to my old waist size again. Fortunately, a few months ago I bumped into a friend of mine - Ritesh - who told me about his wonderful experience with CPLSS. Encouraged and with a ray of hope, I called CPLSS. Today, three months after having a liposuction procedure, I can happily claim to have surpassed my goal of dropping a few inches! I have also been strongly motivated by my new look to change by lifestyle to maintain my "new" body. I am grateful to Dr. Viral Desai and his team for recreating me. I would certainly recommend CPLSS to anyone who is thinking of having cosmetic surgery."

Mr. J. Bhanushali

Ms. D. Punjabi had a liposuction performed at CPLSS

"Dear Dr. Desai,
I hope things are going well with you. It has been a year since my surgery, and as promised, I have enclosed by recent photographs for your records. As you can see, my results have only improved over the last three months - I still get compliments on the way I look. Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for bringing about a wonderful change in my life!"

Ms. D. Punjabi

Mr. Ali Yassen, 23, had a mega-liposuction performed by Dr. Viral Desai

"I am a resident of Dubai. I heard about Dr. Desai from a friend who had a liposuction by Dr. Desai eight years ago. I was amazed to see my friend's results and hence took the decision to have a mega-liposuction done with Dr. Viral. My mega-liposuction helped me lose tremendous amount of body fat and inches. I saw myself slimmer and fitter after many years. We were very pleased with the entire care provided by Dr. Desai's staff, right from consultation till post-operative care. Dr. Desai too took utmost care of us. Later, Dr. Desai informed me that I had 22 litres of fat removed in one session – this was the highest ever reported in India. My story was covered in the Times of India. The recovery was very smooth and I flew back home to Dubai after only eight days after the surgery. Looking at my results, my mother, at the age of 62, decided to also go for this procedure."

Read Full Article at Times of India

Mr. Ali Yassen

Mr. Sanjeev Seth, 34, had a liposuction performed by Dr. Viral Desai

sanjeev_before_big sanjeev_after_big

"I had a liposuction performed by Dr. Viral Desai and the results were fantastic! Before my surgery, I often felt sluggish and tired. I was too tired during the day to care for myself and was caught in a vicious cycle of exhaustion and weight gain. With liposuction, I have lost the extra flab and have become as energetic as I was ten years ago! I have taken up gymming and badminton after many years have started enjoying life again. I am very thankful to Dr. Viral Desai for changing my life."

Mr. Sanjeev Seth

Other Cosmetic Surgery

Ms. Krishi, 7 years, had a deep gash on the chin with uneven

view_letter“Dr. Viral...A big thanks to you...for it’s you whose smile drives all my worries away!”

Ms. Krishi, 7 years, had a deep gash on the chin with uneven, infected cut through skin and muscle, with the bone exposed. The wound was cleansed and was repaired in four layers with an extremely aesthetic closure, leaving no scars and a very happy patient.

Ms. Krishi

Ms. Swetha Damania, 26

swetha_before_big swetha_after_big

When I first came to CPLSS, I was a struggling model. I had rejections in many auditions due to some reason or the other regarding my looks. Considering my goals, Dr. Desai advised me to take up a makeover consisting of three stages of procedures. Dr. Desai and his team worked on improving my face and sculpting my body. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have a lot of work and have earned my place in the TV industry. My transformation was featured in MIDDAY.
I thank Dr. Desai for transforming my life. There are many myths about cosmetic surgery. Having undergone it, I can vouch for its safety and does offer the desired results. The best part is that Dr. Desai creates a solution custom-made for you; not over-the-shelf procedures. I have been coming to CPLSS for over six years now.

Ms. Swetha Damania, 26, had nose surgery, chin augmentation, jawline shaping, blepharoplasty, high-cheek bone, dimple creation, breast augmentation, Botox, fillers, lip augmentation and MesoFace and MesoGlow performed at CPLSS

Ms. Swetha Damania

Ms. R. Sheikh, 24, had a nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) performed at CPLSS

sheikh_before_big sheikh_before_big

“Dr. Desai, my experience with your clinic - from the initial phone call to consultation to surgery and to follow-ups - has been a very memorable one. You have helped me look the way I feel about myself. Thank you and all the best!”

Ms. R. Sheikh

Ms. K. Shah, 38, had breast lift surgery performed at CPLSS

“Dear Dr. Desai,
Thank you and your team for all your help over the past four months. My husband and I absolutely love the results of my breast lift. When I look back at my pre-surgery pictures, I remember the sagging and drooping and recall how self-conscious I would feel while going out, regardless of what I was wearing. Today, I definitely look better, feel better and am happier around family and friends. Thank you for your wonderful touch!”

Ms. K. Shah

Ms. H. Shenoy, 22, had a nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) performed at CPLSS

shenoy_before_big shenoy_after_big

“Being continually forced to be an introvert due to my misshapen nose, I was lacking all self-esteem when I came to you. After the nose surgery, I have come to know myself all over again and feel wonderfully better about myself physically and mentally. I am very happy with what I see in the mirror today - a strong, beautiful girl. Thank you!”

Ms. H. Shenoy

Ms. G. Kumar, 29, had anti-pigmentation treatments performed at CPLSS

“The peels and mesotherapy have been very effective. I am extremely satisfied with the results and wish to thank you for all your care and advice.”

Ms. G. Kumar