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DHI is among the most innovative medical groups in the world. Established in 1970 in California, USA, the DHI Group is involved in advancing the scientific study of hair restoration techniques. By its association with leading doctors, scientists, researchers and academicians from across the world, the DHI Group has pioneered many breakthroughs in the science of hair transplant. DHI proudly stands apart from other hair transplant companies by its methodical approach to understanding and applying the science of hair restoration – as is evident by over 50 research papers to its credit. Through its 43 locations worldwide (including 17 clinics across India), the DHI Group offers these world-class solutions for hair restoration with remarkable results. DHI is certified by eminent organizations such as the ISO, UK CQC and by various Public Universities.


The DHI Group has invented and perfected a proprietary hair transplant techniques which ranks as the most advanced in the world in terms of delivering natural results. DHI is an ISO-certified technique which removes hair follicles one-by-one from the back and sides of the head and replants them with complete precision to restore your hairline and density. The procedure is performed with patented, single-use disposable tools. Unlike other procedures, DHI is performed under local anesthesia and involves no scalpels, no stitches and no visible scars. DHI’s unique tools ensure that each hair is implanted with correct depth, direction and angle, giving 100% natural results. The implanted hair never falls. DHI is a completely safe procedure, with absolutely no side-effects. The three objectives of DHI are Safety, 100% Guaranteed Natural Results and Maximum Density per Session.

All DHI specialist doctors are dermatologists who are certified jointly by DHI’s India Medical Director Dr. Viral Desai and DHI’s Global Medical Director. These specialist doctors undergo periodic training at the DHI Academy – an institution engaged in advanced hair restoration research in association with Lyon Hospital University (France), Harokopion University (Athens) and Seoul University (Korea).

DHI Total
Care System™

The objectives of any hair loss treatment should be safety, natural results and maximum growth for client’s life. Unfortunately, the hair transplant industry today has many clinics and doctors who do not follow any standard protocol and patients remain clueless about the procedure and the results. DHI’s Total Care System is the world’s first quality standardization system for hair restoration, applied uniformly worldwide. The Total Care System follows 3 basic principles: Education, Transparency and Innovation. For you as a client, DHI’s Total Care System gives you extensive support and complete information – before, during and after your procedure – to help you get the best possible results.

Before the procedure
The client is provided complete information regarding the transplant procedure and is encouraged to speak about any concern that he or she may have. The objective is to make the client completely aware of the nuances of the procedure so as to enable him / her to take an informed decision. DHI’s Total Care System takes into consideration the four important aspects of hair transplants – namely, Psychological Aspects, Mathematical Aspects, Medical Aspects and Artistic Aspects – while planning the procedure. The client is advised of the optimal results which could be expected, considering the case-specific factors such as quality of donor zone, size of recipient zone, etc. While the expected optimal results are almost always well-accepted, the exercise helps the client appreciate the realistic outcome of the transplant procedure.

During the procedure
The DHI protocols on extraction and implantation are fine-tuned to help the client get the best possible results. There are strict written codes on various aspects of the procedure. These codes assist the DHI specialist doctors in adopting the right angle, depth, direction and density of the implanted hairs, thereby ensuring a natural look.

After the procedure
Follow-up consultations help the DHI specialist understand the growth of the implants. The client’s queries, if any, are clarified and the client is given appropriate post-op instructions for ensuring healthy growth of his / her existing and implanted hairs.

DHI’s Total Care SystemTM combines scientific research, accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and result evaluation according to global best standards to meet the needs of each client, ensuring perfect results every time. DHI’s Total Care System ensures that you get the benefits of scientific advancements made by the DHI Group, no matter where in the world you have your DHI procedure done.

Dr. Viral

Dr. Viral Desai (M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S.) is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He is the Medical Director of DHI in India and the Medical Director of CPLSS. All DHI doctors in India are trained and certified by Dr. Desai.

Dr. Desai received his medical training from some of the finest institutions in India and Singapore. He has conducted various training workshops in Advanced Botox and Fillers for doctors and has been a faculty for lectures at various medical and non-medical fraternity gatherings.

In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Desai has been conferred the following awards:
1. Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in India, 2013 (RK HIV AIDS Research & Care Center)
2. Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in India, 2013 (Global Healthcare Excellence Awards)
3. Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Western India, 2013 (Leadership & Service Excellence Awards)
4. Icon of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in India, 2010 (RK HIV AIDS Research & Care Center)

Track Record of
Excellent Results

While other techniques merely involve transfer of follicles, DHI blends artistic aptitude and scientific precision in follicle implantation. For you, the difference is the lifelong result you get: haphazard hair growth by other techniques versus DHI’s 100% natural result with correct density and waviness. It’s no surprise that among DHI’s clients are top names from Bollywood, Business and Sports: Cricket superstars Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir & Amit Misra, Cine Stars Govinda, J.D. Majethia, Gaurav Gera, Pradeep Rawat (Ghajini fame), Siddharth Kannan (TV Personality) and International football stars Richard Lee, Demy de Zeeuw and Roger Johnson, to name a few.


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