Dr. Viral Desai


M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S.

“Transplant is not simply taking hair from the back of the head & putting it in the bald areas. You have to understand which patient requires it, at what age we should do it, what should be the design of the hairline – should it be U-shaped, V-shaped, what should be the position of the hairline – should it be at 7 cm or 10 cm, what areas should you cover, what is the lifetime donor hair or hair which are available on the back, which are available for a lifetime, what is the kind of hair loss he/she can expect in the future depending upon his/her family history. All of this leads to a lot of planning, proper diagnosis, proper psychological evaluation. You have to take into consideration the occupation of a patient – example, he is facing the media, he is an actor, he may require a lower hairline compared to a normal person who may be a corporate. All of these factors have to be considered. It’s just not a normal transplant, wherein you take out hair and put it. It has to be done properly, at the right time, at the right age, with the right person and with the right design.”

“Before seeing the bald area, I always like to see the donor area. I would first like to know how much hair does the patient have available for a lifetime and what is the quality & quantity of this hair. On seeing the donor area, I can then suggest whay kind of growth & what kind of results can he expect.”

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