Anti-aging Treatments

The most important fact to remember about injectable fillers is that the results are not permanent. Injected ativan online material is eventually metabolized by the body. You should not expect the same long-lasting results that may be gained from cosmetic surgery. In some individuals, the results may last a few weeks; in others, the results may be maintained indefinitely. Age, genetic background, skin quality and lifestyle as well as the injected body site may all play a role in the injected material’s “staying power”.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Viral Desai will evaluate your face, particularly the skin, the muscles and the underlying bone, and discuss your goals for the surgery. Dr. Viral will ask you about your medical history, drug allergies, and check for conditions that could cause problems, such as active skin infections or non-healed sores from injuries, to help you select a treatment option based on your goals and concerns, your anatomy and your lifestyle.

We give utmost importance to patient confidentiality and take strictest care to ensure your privacy. The staff at CPLSS understands that it can be difficult for a patient to make enquiries about such a delicate matter. It is our aim to make you feel as relaxed, comfortable and fully informed about the procedure as possible.