Mega Liposuction

Mega Liposuction


Mega Liposuction is where a large amount of fat is removed from patients who are overweight or suffer from obesity. Mega liposuction is the removal of a large volume of fat in one sitting.


In order to perform mega liposuction you need a very efficient & capable surgical team like surgeons, anasthesist and assistants who understand the procedure. We have a modern facility with ICU, 24 hours Intensivist, ventilators, central oxygen, cardiac unit, cardiac monitoring, 2d echo is available with over 10 physicians and cardiologists attached to our hospital. This back up and highly specialized training enables dr viral to perform large volume liposuctions frequently and safely; however choosing the right candidate is the key which is very important. We have been doing mega liposuctions since 2005 and are one of the only centres in India who perform this procedure.

There was a very special case which was reported in times of India, 22 litres of fat removed in 4 hours which is till date the highest volume of liposuction done in Asia. Another issue with mega liposuction is the disproportionate shape of the body post surgery and hence 3d liposuction added to mega liposuction helps in better body contouring and skin retraction.

Before And After Treatment Images