Direct Hair Implantation

1. How is DHI better than other methods of hair transplant?

Traditional hair loss treatments such as hair plugs, strip extraction and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are extremely painful and traumatic. Often, clients are left with a scarred scalp due to cutting at the time of extractions and incisions at the time of implantation. In contrast, with near-zero pain, no scars, no cuts and no stitches, DHI provides a very comfortable client experience, both during and after the procedure.

The major difference between DHI and other methods of hair transplants is the quality of results. While other techniques merely involve placement of follicles from donor zone to the recipient zone, the DHI technique comprises a blend of artistic conception of hairline design and scientific precision in locating the follicles. The difference reflects in the results you have to live with for your lifetime: haphazard and uneven hair growth by other techniques versus DHI’s 100% natural results, with appropriate density and waviness.

For its consistent outstanding performance, DHI India has received the “Hair Restoration Company of the Year, 2013” Award from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm

2. How does DHI compare with the FUE technique? Are they the same?

No. DHI offers a number of advantages over traditional FUE. By definition, FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction and hence, placement of the hair follicle is not given as much importance as its extraction is. Most often, forceps are used for placement. In contrast, DHI uses the patented DHI Implanter to precisely control the angle, depth and direction of the implanted follicle. This creates a totally natural hairline, free from the pitting and discolouration that is oftentimes associated with FUE and other traditional methods of hair restoration.

While DHI’s surgeons can remove up to 6000 hairs in one session, extraction in FUE is limited to under 2000 hairs per day, extracted in bunches of up to 5 hairs. Also, FUE is compatible with only certain hair types and the patients have to shave their entire scalp prior to the procedure. The DHI technique can be applied to nearly all hair types and also allows for hair transplant without shaving the entire scalp.

3. What about DHI’s results? Will my hair look natural?

DHI guarantees 100% natural results! The implanted hair grows for the rest of the client’s life. DHI’s strengths are hairline design, distribution and natural look. As a result of our scientific research and extensive training, each hair follicle is implanted with precise angle, depth and direction.

4. Are there any side effects to the procedure?

DHI transplants are done under local anesthesia with world class equipment by trained specialist doctors (dermatologists). It is an absolutely safe procedure with no side effects. Clients can read a book or watch television during implantation. Suitable comfort breaks are given during sessions.

5. Could you tell me a bit more about my DHI procedure?

DHI uses your own hair in the transplant procedure. This hair is carefully chosen from the donor zone on your head. In certain cases, hair from other areas of your body could also be used. DHI does not use any artificial hair in its procedures.

With global best standards acting as the guidelines, DHI’s artistic and scientific protocols are customized to the needs of each client. Appropriate pre-procedure measures are advised to the client – hair loss test, evaluation of medical history and personal hair analysis. The actual transplant procedure typically takes about 4 to 7 hours. The implantation session is followed up by necessary post procedural checks.

6. When will I see my hair grow back?

Results are visible after about 16 weeks, depending on how quickly the capillaries form around the newly relocated follicular units. It takes about 9-10 months for full length results to be visible.

7. What is DHI’s Total Care System™?

“Every hair transplant patient, anywhere in the world, deserves a great result, every time.”
Mr. K.P. Giotis, Chairman, DHI

The objectives of any hair loss treatment should be safety, natural results and maximum growth for client’s life. Until DHI, no hair restoration clinic in the world had a system to meet these essential standards. DHI’s Total Care System™ is DHI’s quality standardization system for hair restoration, applied uniformly worldwide. DHI’s Total Care System™ takes into consideration the four important aspects of hair transplants: (a) Psychological Aspects, (b) Mathematical Aspects, (c) Medical Aspects and (d) Artistic Aspects.

DHI’s Total Care System™ combines scientific research, accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment and result evaluation according to global best standards to meet the needs of each client, ensuring perfect results every time. It is the first complete hair restoration system with the strictest written protocols for all stages of hair restoration. For you as a client, DHI’s Total Care System™ gives you extensive support and information – before, during and after your procedure – to provide you the best possible results.

8. DHI’s competition claims that they are the best hair transplant company and yet, they offer low prices. How is that possible?

When considering a hair transplant, it is advisable to appreciate the value of the complete treatment, rather than its price. DHI performs many repair cases – cases of hair transplant gone wrong – on ex-clients of companies who claim to deliver similar results at a lesser cost. In such repair cases, clients often demonstrate atrophied and compromised donor zones, which is a result of an incorrect earlier procedure. Effectively, these clients lose their valuable donor hairs forever, as these hairs are not replaceable. In most cases, the resulting look after the transplant is worse than the original look of the client due to incorrect placement of hair at wrong depth, direction, angle and design.

DHI prides itself on being recognized as the best hair transplant technique worldwide because of the quality of its transplants and natural results. When compared on technique, quality of treatment and natural results, DHI provides far higher value for money than any other hair transplant company in India today. DHI’s 43 years of scientific innovation and tens of thousands of satisfied clients are testimony to DHI’s industry standing.

Our name can be copied, but our technique, our patented tools and expertise cannot be reproduced.

9. How do I sign up for my DHI procedure?

You could call Dr. Viral Desai’s clinic for reserving your appointment. At your consultation, your DHI Total Care Consultant would perform a hair loss test and analysis and would help you out with a convenient date for your procedure.