What is DHI?

What Is DHI?

DHI – Direct Hair Implantation – is the world’s most advanced and effective technique for hair restoration. DHI procedures have been developed by the world’s leading medical practitioners. While the scientific principles behind the DHI method are intricate, the concept of DHI hair restoration is simple – hair is judiciously distributed from areas of abundance to areas of the head where the hair loss is most severe and apparent – with no pain, no scalpel and no stitches!


Over 150,000 clients worldwide have transformed their lives using DHI Total Care System™

We feel how you feel – over 50 members of the DHI global family have undergone DHI themselves!

All procedures performed by globally trained & experienced specialist doctors (dermatologists)

Superior Hair Design – Maintains Natural Direction, Depth and Angle of Hair

No Scars, No Stitches & No Cuts, Unlike Other Hair Transplant Methods

Present In Over 40 Locations Worldwide and across 17 Clinics in India

100% Natural Results

Single-session sitting

100% Guaranteed Natural Results

No Wigs or Artificial Hair

The Dhi Edge


The first in the world to have a dedicated facility – the DHI Academy – dedicated to the study of hair restoration science.


The thin, titanium-coated punches invented by the DHI group permit precise extraction of the follicles. The patented DHI Implanter allow for greater control in determining the angle, depth and direction of the implanted hair. DHI is involved in continual research and innovation in hair restoration science.


The DHI Total Care System™ encourages complete transparency regarding its practices and procedures. Clients are provided complete information about their procedure and are encouraged to ask questions before signing up for a procedure.